Online Media Publishing Services

For interactive and engaging online media publications, our online media publishing services is the ideal choice. As a prominent online business publishing brand, we add video, audio, and flash to our media publishing services to give you a memorable experience. All these are included in our pricing plans, so you don’t need to worry at all.

Our online media publishing solutions for Magazines, Books, Publications, and the Digital Daily Paper platform for newspapers, editors, and publishers are re-defining their content.

We add your logo, flash animation, clippings, custom widget codes, background, and rich-media such as streaming video to customize and match your digital publication brand. 

The power of an iPhone, iPad, or Android App is that every publication is instant, thus saving you additional costs.

We offer our content marketing services in a practical, tested Internet marketing strategies and solutions offered to help you establish an intuitive, sustainable results-driven Internet presence.

Increase your Readership Using our Digital Magazine Software

Is your magazine being thwarted, and you want it to thrive? Here is the best solution for you. You can convert your materials into Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS publications. The design purposely safeguards your publications, and we at KreatorSEO can help you do so quickly.   

In due time, you may want to switch up to Android and IOS magazine apps, which save you money and are convenient for you. They keep you connected, and you get easy access to your favorite publications. Get your digital magazine with KreatorSEO. 

KreatorSEO transforms published materials into native apps for both IOS and Android platforms. Every publisher gains global audiences since we present our magazine titles in Google Play and App store. Innovation with simplicity is our task. 

Our company helps you add an ‘e-touch’ to your printed materials as long as you upload your logo and PDF content into our digital platform. We also have an automated transformation process that needs filling-in. The good news is that you can start-up on a 3-month trial offer with no credit cards involved.

We transform your B2B print magazines into premium native IOS and Android apps, which deliver the most reliable, fastest, and user-responsive experience. We, too, create web apps that are convenient across all devices and browsers.

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Creative Design

Our creative designs help digital publications improve their functionality and make them visually appealing. The practice tends to be a significant and smart way.

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Social Networks Sharing

Your readers avail the flexibility to adjust the publication by enabling and disabling its features, when you send them through social networks or emails.

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Search Engine Optimization

Global Publishing (GOP) creates publications that are search engine optimization. By this, your context becomes indexed by all popular search sites, easing the user’s accessibility.

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Web Analytics Support

Link your publication directly to your Google Analytics account to examine the statistics about attendance and popularity. It can be an efficient marketing tool.

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What Makes Us Everyone’s Cup of Tea?

KreatorSEO’s Online Media Publishing service is everyone’s cup of tea and that’s for a reason. Many platforms are offering you place to post your publications, but here why we’re different from the rest:

Instant Results

We save you the labor work by giving you two native apps and one web app within 1-2 days in your digital magazine.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you, for any reason, aren’t contented by our results, we fully refund with no strings attached from our side. Customer happiness is our main priority.

Affordable Pricing

We offer you flexible pricing plans for the several editions that you need. Our plans include; Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, or Monthly prices. We also include In-app purchase for the paid subscribers

Special Features

KreatorSEO adds a unique flavor to your digital publications in our magazines through slide shows, eye-catching videos.

For more info about our online media publishing services and discuss your campaign, call us today at: +91-9861457064 or request a quote online.