KreatorSEO Clients - Our Success Note?

1st January 2013

To whom it may concern

Re: Ethical White Hat & Organic SEO Plus Copy-Writing Services By

Hello Webmasters,

I am Paul Addison and I am the managing director of ECNS Limited . I wish to give many thanks to this gentleman Mr. Pravat for his big contributions for my hosting and other online shopping business. From the early part of 2008, Pravat from has come into react and started with Graphic Designing and Contents frame work, initially I did not believe his SEO abilities. But later on I asked him if he can get us 1st page of for no. of competitive keywords- Dildo, Adult Toys, Sex Toys, vibrators, Manchester United, Jeremy Kyle, Buy cheap insurance, Kamagra, Cheap Kamagra, Football gifts, Web hosting Services London, Army surplus, military surplus. Pravat is pro in SEO and get on 1st page and till date almost 14 websites he represented for us. The main areas in which Pravat has worked have been in Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimization, Link Building, creative writing, Graphic Designing.

In our estimations Pravat is hard working and dedicated, who I would personally recommend to others. Having worked with other SEO professionals and companies, I found that not only was Pravat able to complete the work in an exceptionally timely manner, but also demonstrates good communication throughout any project.

Currently I have 2 running projects with Pravat- and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we will be utilising Pravat’s expertise for future projects.

I look forward to working with Pravat and have no hesitation in recommending him and wish him continued success for the future.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Addison

Managing Director
ECNS Limited

To Whom it may concern,

We are a company based in Australia servicing the entire country in the Finance broking business.

The GFC resulted in a slowing of business and a closure of 2 of our offices in Sydney and reduction of staff from about a dozen per office down to 2 of us working from home. Now this month of May we are adding back 2 new staff. All due to SEO and the high volume of leads we are now receiving since we started trialling SEO 9 months ago.

We almost gave up on the business, however that was until someone put me in contact with Pravat from Kreator SEO who took our website from having 1 online loan enquiry per month to now having a minimum of 80 online enquiries and over 50 telephone enquiries per month.

After Pravat gave me a quote, I shopped around and got other quotes for SEO. Some cheaper, some more expensive. It’s hard to compare apples with apples since all these SEO guys will confuse you with different lingo and promise the world and not deliver. I tried 7 others companies over 3 months before starting with pravat, even though he was one of the first I met, I was too hesitant at first, since he told me things I did not want to hear, but that was him just giving proper, professional advice which I should have listened to in hindsight.

In all my communications via email with many companies, I noticed that all companies said yes to everything I said. I felt they are all agreeing with me to win the business (which they did win and I l spent money with no results), however Pravat was different. He told me things I did not want to hear; however, he is SEO advisor and implementation manager so it finally clicked with me that I better listen to the advice (after I lost heaps of money dealing with others).

As he told me over 9 months ago, SEO is ongoing process. You can’t spend money for 6 months on SEO and then stop as others competitors will keep going and you will lose your position. Others told me problems will be solved in 30 – 90 days, however in the end, very little were achieved by them.

Pravat advice is so true (and in hind sight very logical), despite what others promised. We started with his $1000 per month package 6 months ago (paid monthly in advance) with 6 months contract, then for the next 3 months we paid $750 per month and now we are in maintenance mode paying about $500 per month for 5 keywords. We will continue this indefinitely and it is much cheaper than the $4,000 per month I previously paid per month using Google pay per click. Our first page organic rankings are holding firm and each month we are getting ranked higher on other search terms also. So, we are paying for 5 keywords, however our page rank is increasing and we are effectively getting other keywords done for free. So, my tip is only pay for and target 5 keywords. The others will happen anyway when you get lots of traffic to site. Just keep adding content to your site every month by yourself. This will complement Pravat’s work. I learnt SEO is actually Team effort by site owner and SEO provider. Everyone must have input or results will not be ideal. We provide content to Pravat and you should do the same also. Pravat’s team are great at SEO, however content creation is not their strength. If you need a very good content writer so you don’t need to do any work yourself, I can also refer them to you. (Just message me via our website).

Now we are ranking high on page 1 with keywords of our choice and we are only spending $500 per month, we are going to now try and increase traffic some more with social media optimisation which will be a 4 – 6-month program followed by a maintenance. This will hopefully double the number of online enquiries.

See below list of the top 10 keywords where we are ranking in top 3. We are only paying for 5 of them, however since we are adding new content to our site each month by ourself, the new content together with the backlinking and other SEO optimisation that Pravat is doing is getting us top results on more than 20 keywords. the figures in brackets are showing our position from April. We just moved up ranking in this month of May 2013.

Some lessons I learnt through the process.

Google changes the goal posts, so ongoing SEO is mandatory. Pravat will change his method every now and again.

I wanted 10 keywords to work on from start. Pravat said NO, but I insisted. now we realise he was right, its best to start with only 5 keywords and focus their time firm on the most important 5 keywords. Then once you’re making money from the leads from those, re-invest some more on more keywords, but keep the maintenance going on all of them. After 3 months and minimal results, he reminded me of his earlier advice, then I agreed to switch to 5 keywords and this extra focus the guys were then able to provide, helped the accelleration of our ranking. (See graphs below)

The $500 per month for the ongoing SEO, plus the other $400 for the social media package we are starting in June, total of $900 is much cheaper than the $4,000 we used to spend on our last website per month doing PPC.

Some other benefits of Pravat are that he is almost always online on skype whenever I need him.

He always has time for me for any questions that I want an answer and he has now educated me so much that I feel like an SEO guru myself.

He provides me a full tracking spreadsheet monthly on the links they created and tasks they completed on monthly basis and one of the tabs in the spreadsheet maps out the rankings for each keyword for each month, so you can see the gradual increase in ranking for each keyword. Make sure he gives this to you, otherwise you have no way of really measuring what is working and what is not. Also, you need records of all your links in case google makes some major changes and the links need updating/amendment.

You still need to be patient, it takes about 3 months to start seeing results, however after 6 months, your business will be completely changed for the better.

Don’t start SEO, unless you can commit for 6 to 12 months, with bulk of investment in first 6 months, then your extra profits will more than cover the money you spend when in maintenance mode.

I do have some cautions that I should make you aware. No one or company is perfect after all.

Try Pravats content creators, however if you’re not happy with the content writers grammar and flow of words, then find your own content writer and then get him to do SEO tasks using your content. Ask him for the samples and if you don’t like, get your own content creator. but try his first as they are more cost effective. With our industry, it’s important that the content is technically correct and confirming to trade practices acts, therefore we need our own content person, so we only need to do minor edits. Note: Content cost is in addition to above costs.

So, my recommendation is to get 2 prices from Pravat.

1 price with you (site owner) providing the content (he will let you know what you must deliver to him every month). and the second price is for him to do the content and SEO.

Depending on what industry you’re in, I can recommend 1 of several content writers that have worked and continue to work for us on our various new websites.

Notice the $5,013 dollar figure below. This means that based on the keywords that are getting clicks multiplied by the cost per click is the equivalent cost that it would have cost us on a monthly basis in order to get the same amount of traffic. So rather than paying $5,013 on PPC we are only paying $400 per month. (Plus, the $400 we are about to start per month for the social media marketing/optimisation package) each month, our contribution to organic SEO stays the same, however the $ figure on this table goes up. This means more effective clicks for a content and reducing cost. Notice the pie chart is blue. This is because we don’t do any AdWords (pay per click/PPC), its all-organic SEO and ranking growth. And our traffic is 99% from Australian which is our market.

See how Traffic price says $5,638. This means that to get the same amount of traffic for those particular keywords that we are ranking, we would have had to pay about $5,638 per month if using Google ADWORDS pay per click. This seems correct, since we previously paid $4,000 per month using Google ADWORDS pay per click campaigns. This regular cost has been eliminated down to $500 per month now.

Good luck with your SEO services and please don’t give Pravat too much work as I need him to do the other websites that we are planning, since the first was so successful. Start him off with 1 site first, then after 6 months give him more once results are proven to you.

P.S. I forgot to mention, we are ranking so high we now have googled AdSense adds and are making $1 per click on the adds. We don’t pay google for adds, however google is paying us to put their adds on our site. It feels like my site is real estate and they are paying me rent to put up a sign board. I only wish I learnt about this stuff 5 years ago.

We have had Google AdSense set up in basic mode since end or march 2013. As you can see in April, we earnt $78 in the first full month. There are some things that can be done to optimise results with AdSense, however we will work on this in future, since we consider this extra money bonus anyway. We never originally intended to derive money from google it was just an afterthought.

your sincerely,

Marketing Manager

of an Australian small business.